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Slemish Barn

3 Lisles Hill Road, Broughshane

BT42 4LJ


Teaching Team Email: cadcfa@outlook.com


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"To preserve the art of country fiddling in as pure   a form as possible and to encourage juveniles to   take up and carry on this art, as their fathers   before them." 

 Teaching and Lesson Style  

The fiddle school consisting of over 100 pupils of all ages (5 to 80+) and stages (beginner to Grade 8 and Diploma) meets weekly on Saturday mornings under the direction of Maebh McKeon and the Fiddle School Teaching Team in Broughshane.


Fiddlers are split into groups for lessons corresponding to their ability and progression where they are taught to read music and to play by ear. All students are able to prepare for fiddle examinations from preliminary up to diploma level. 


Annual Tuition Fees: £180

 Teaching Team  

The Teaching Team is made up of teachers and volunteers who have all come through the school as pupils and members. The teachers are qualified with an LCM Diploma and give their time on Saturday mornings to teach, train and equip the diverse group of students at CADCFA. Alongside teaching, many of our staff are also part of the CADCFA committee, strengthening the links between the many aspects of CADCFA. 


Examinations at CADCFA

All students have the opportunity to prepare for fiddle exams in traditional irish music and classical music from Grade 1-8. We take traditional and classical exams with London College of Music. We also take irish traditional exams with SCT, Comhaltas.

For Irish traditional music, all performances are from memory and students can choose from a wide range of tune categories: slow air, jig, reel, polka, hornpipe, march, set dance, schottishe, mazurka or pieces by Carolan and other harper composers. The supplementary tests are designed to develop aural perception and awareness of the elements of traditional music.

For classical examinations, all performances are given with music and students can choose from a number of pieces provided. They must also complete a set of scales and arpeggios.

DipLCM in Irish Traditional Music Performance 

For the diploma, students will have achieved a playing standard at or above grade 8, equivalent to a first year undergraduate recital. Candidates for this examination present a 15-20 min performance with a varied and contrasting programme, along with responding to supplementary tests. 

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