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Slemish Barn

3 Lisles Hill Road, Broughshane

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The Forming of CADCFA


CADCFA is an association of musicians young and old, drawn from across all backgrounds in the counties of Antrim and Derry/Londonderry. CADCFA has been serving the local community through performances and tuition for over half a century, and has since become the largest fiddle school in the whole of Ireland. CADCFA was informally gathered in 1943 but only constituted officially in 1953. In May 2013 we celebrated our 60th anniversary.

Antrim Fiddling Style


At Antrim and Derry we are committed to upholding the local Antrim fiddling style. Much like our accents, the Antrim style is clipped and precise with strong influences from the Scottish Isles. While we play a variety of styles and genres, we feel it is important to maintain our connections with Antrim's unique style and its renowned fiddlers such as Sean Maguire and Tommy McGoldrick.

Our Principle, Past & Present


"To preserve the art of country fiddling in as pure a form as possible and to encourage juveniles to take up and carry on this art, as their fathers before them."

  [Excerpt from the 1953 Constitution]



"Music opens doors and hearts that might otherwise be closed" 



Francis Graham (Comittee Member)

"Antrim and Derry is cross community, bringing people together from all ages and backgrounds - friends are made through music which last a lifetime! All abilities are welcome and can learn new tunes in a relaxed yet progressive manner. Great way to relax from pressures of life!"


Katherine Aiken (Teaching Team)

"I have been a member of CADCFA for 10 years now. I've come the whole way up through the classes from a beginner and now help teaching some of the younger pupils. Not only do you learn a great skill, but you make close friendships, have incredible experiences and most importantly have a lot of fun along the way!"


Johanna Wright and Victoria Orr (Volunteers)
"Being a member of CADCFA is a true experience. You develop as a person while gaining both knowledge of the music you're playing and invaluable interpersonal skills through the many social opportunities it provides. It's also a great way to make lasting friendships with people who share similar interests."
Patrick McCann (Pupil)

"It has provided a window of opportunities for me as a fiddle player, alongside being an interesting way to meet people from other cultures and backgrounds. At the North Atlantic Fiddle conference I met people from many different parts of the world."

CADCFA Committee and Membership


The CADCFA Committee is made up of people from a cross section of the local and wider community of Broughshane, County Antrim and Londonderry who are passionate about promoting the enjoyment of music for all in society. We meet regularly throughout the year to discuss and organise the musical activities and administration of the association and to ensure the smooth running of CADCFA on behalf of players and members. 


Present Committee

Chair: Maebh McKeon, who is also the Musical Director

Vice Chairman: Ian Aiken

Treasurer: Jane Davison

Secretary: Eaine Orr

Comhaltas representative: Maire Buckley

Public Relations Officer: Sian Boyle & Andrew Leacock

Head of Tuition: Diane McCullough

Music Co-Ordinator: Pamela Irwin

Leader of Sessions: Alex Kerr

Committee members: Acheson Armstrong, Maire Buckley, Emma Smith, Erin McClure, Phyllis McIlroy, Carmel McKeon, Donna Miskelly, Sian Owens, Elaine Orr. 


If you would like to participate in our committee, please come along to the annual general meeting held in September in Houston’s Mill, Broughshane, where the committee for the next year is elected. To be able to vote you must be a paid up member, which is £10 yearly and entitles you to a reduced entrance fee to CADCFA socials. If you can give up a couple of hours a few times a year and willing to share your skills to promote music and culture in your community please join us. We welcome everyone. 

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